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911 legal team can help hold manufacturers accountable for consumer products that are dangerous.

Manufacturing corporations, distributors, and retailers of products have a responsibility to consumers to uphold accepted standards of health and safety, to provide adequate warnings when their products pose hazards, and to remove dangerous products from the market.

But they don’t always meet that responsibility. Recent recalls of, for example, toys and pharmaceuticals happened only after injuries and deaths were uncovered.

At 911 Legal Team, we believe these recalls are much like shutting the barn door after the horse is out. Our attorneys recognize the “smoke and mirrors” often employed by pharmaceutical companies, toy companies, and automakers. Rather than lose millions of dollars by recalling defective products that endanger our health and safety, they choose to profit by hiding the defects and continuing to make and sell defective products. With this unconscionable strategy, they take a carefully calculated risk that they will generate profits greater than the costs of lawsuits if they should get caught.

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